Chef Anne’s Chobani Greek Yogurt Diet!

I haven’t told too many of you, but I have been on a diet using Chobani greek yogurt for the past 2 months and have lost, as of today, 22 pounds! I still have a long way to go, but Chobani has given my the power to do so.

In working with them and their wonderful donations of Chobani for me to use in test recipes for their test kitchen, I created my “Chef Anne’s Chobani Diet” along with the other recipes.

Because their Greek yogurt is so much thicker and filling than most, I eat one for breakfast, one for lunch and then have a sensible dinner. With the Chobani I am never hungry between meals, and even working with so much food all day, I am not tempted to cheat!

I’m working on some yummy recipes for Chobani and will let you know when they go up on their website.

Believe me, I am very impressed with their product or I would never have agreed to partner with them on these recipes or anything else. If you haven’t tried it, you should. And if you need to lose a few pounds, try my Chobani Diet!chobani

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Cooking with Chef Anne FREE Today!

For today only, until midnight, you can get my book, Cooking with Chef Anne, for FREE!

Filled with a year’s worth of my weekly Huffington Post/AOL columns of the same name, this book has some great fast and easy recipes accompanied by interesting facts about the recipes’ beginnings and other interesting tidbits.

If you don’t own a Kindle, don’t worry, Amazon has free downloads of Kindle for your PC, ipad, iphone, blackberry and many other devices. So just download a Kindle and then download my book!

Check if out! But remember, after midnight it goes back to pay status.

See you for lunch!

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New Book: Cooking with Chef Anne is Now Available

When I signed off from my Huffington Post/AOL column a few months ago, I wasn’t prepared for all the emails I got from people who told me they really missed my weekly food columns.

After reading those emails, I decided to compile a book of some of the readers favorite columns and recipes. This book has almost 50 of those “Cooking with Chef Anne” columns.

Check it out, read the free sample and see if you’d like this book for your e-reader. And remember, Amazon has free apps for all your devices to download the kindle reader to if you don’t own one.

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My Second Book for Kindle is Now Available for Sale at Amazon

If you ever dreamed of opening any type of food service or restaurant, but thought you didn’t have the money to do it and didn’t want to go into debt, then this is your book!

Using my own, personal experiences when opening our restaurant, I show you how easy it is to open your restaurant on a shoestring budget!

Buy it today for just $2.99! Isn’t your dream worth it?

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The Deli Diva’s Italian Cookbook Now Available at Amazon for Kindle

My Italian cookbook is now on Kindle for just $2.99. If you would like to take a look and download it to your e-reader, check it out at:

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Chili Cook Off

chili cook offI’ve got a big chili cook off I’ve entered for later this month. I’ll be cooking up my own special recipe which uses three types of peppers and three types of meats.

After the cook off I’ll post the recipe, but in the meantime, if any of you have chili recipes to share, add them to the comments section and I’ll post them along with mine later this month.

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chili cook off

chili cook off

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